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Supply Chain

Evaluate and optimise your supply chain, and improve your cashflow

How we can help

We can provide a structured review and evaluation of your current supply chain process identifying improvement opportunities. The evaluation typically covers contract management, procurement, inventory management as well as your procure to pay process.  Our report comes with a prioritised plan to iteratively deliver change, realising value for your company from the outset

Our Service

We are experienced in benchmarking and proposing changes for:

  • Procure-to-pay (P2P) process improvements – this is the relationship between inputs required for production and the production or manufacturing process leading to a final product for offering to the consumer
  • Warehouse and inventory optimisation – how to implement JIT (just-in time) raw materials management to optimise cashflow and stock holding
  • Spend management – Analysing and recommending initiatives to free capital tied up in dead inventory as well as focusing on appropriate spend categories to unlock value
  • Contract management – focusing on reducing day-to-day transactional purchasing by unlocking volume discounts and rebates and aggregating spend based on relationships
  • Practical inventory management training – stock management and optimization is a science that needs to be taught
  • Basic purchasing (buying) capacity –  enhancement through multi-tiered training intervention programmes)
  • Supplier Capability and Governance Training – ensuring that SMEs meets and comply with statutory laws within their supply chains with regards to governance, risks and compliance

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